5 Play Console Updates To Help You Understand Your App’s Delivery Performance


Powered by Android App Bundles, Google Play gives all developers the benefits of modern Android distribution. As the Android ecosystem expands, it’s more important than ever to know how your app is being delivered to different devices.

Delivery insights help you better understand and analyze your app’s delivery performance and what contributes to it, and take action to optimize the experience for your users. Here are five recent Play Console updates you can use to get more insight into your delivery performance.

1. When you release your app, you’ll now see its expected app size and update size at the point of release creation, so you can determine if the size change from the previous release is acceptable.

Get the expected app size and update size when you create a new release.

2. If you use advanced Play delivery tools, such as Play Asset Delivery or Play Feature Delivery, detailed information about how these are shipped to users are now available on the Statistics page and in the Delivery tab in App bundle explorer. Understanding your feature modules and asset packs usage can help you make better decisions about further modularization and uncover usage patterns across your users.

Get detailed information about how your feature modules are shipped to users in the Delivery tab in the App bundle explorer page in Play Console.
See per module performance metrics on the Statistics page in Play Console.

3. When analyzing your existing release, you can now see how many users are on it to help you assess the “freshness” of your install base and how quickly users migrate to new releases. To improve your update rate, consider using the In-app updates API.

Know how many users are on your existing release and how quickly users migrate to new releases.

4. For a deeper dive into your individual app version performance, you can find information about your download size per device model, most common update sizes, and install base in App bundle explorer.

Evaluate device-specific bundle download size and install base on the App bundle explorer page.

5. All of these features are also available in your App Dashboard, where you can track these measurements over time alongside other app metrics.

Monitor these new delivery metrics on your App Dashboard.

We hope these changes will help you make more informed decisions about your app development and provide you with a detailed view of how your app is being delivered to end user devices.

By: Lidia Gaymond (Product Manager, Google Play)
Source: Android Developers Blog

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