Take Part In Advent Of Code 2022 In Kotlin And Win Prizes!

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Make a list and check it twice because Advent of Code season is almost here!

We can’t wait for December 1, when the first of the 25 holiday-themed puzzles unlocks on adventofcode.com

For the second year in a row, JetBrains will be sponsoring Advent of Code in 2022. Many of our colleagues will solve these fun algorithmic problems every day. We invite you to join us in participating in Advent of Code in Kotlin this year!

It’s a great way to practice your problem-solving, keep your Kotlin skills sharp, compete, and learn from the fantastic community surrounding the event. And it’s a wonderful way to get your hands on some exclusive Kotlin prizes! ?


This year, we have livestreams planned every day at 5:00 pm UTC, during which we’ll discuss the puzzle of the day, giving you 12 hours to solve the puzzle beforehand. Together, we’ll walk through the problem statement, discuss possible approaches to solving the task, and chat with some fun guests from the Kotlin team, Google, and the community. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned!


Community participation

To discuss your solutions, share tips and tricks with other puzzle enthusiasts, and get a chance to be featured on our daily YouTube livestreams, make sure to join the conversation in the Advent of Code channel on Kotlinlang Slack. Each day, a new thread will be posted where you can share your own solutions to the puzzles and interact with the community!

How to solve Advent of Code in Kotlin

For a warm up, we’ve gathered some helpful Advent of Code resources:


We invite you to join our special Kotlin leaderboards! To sign up, go to the Leaderboard section of your profile and use one of the codes below:
Leaderboard 1: 236080-b0695394
Leaderboard 2: 2343137-1def15d6
Leaderboard 3: 2076885-8e47e445
Leaderboard 4: 2553918-9ee8ee21
Leaderboard 5: 2649199-9168a817
Leaderboard 6: 2716400-8dd8cad2

Please join just one leaderboard. Thanks!

GitHub template

We’ve prepared a GitHub repository template for you to use with Kotlin. It will provide you with some structure and help you get set up quickly so you can get on with writing your AoC solutions.

Create a new project based on this template by logging in to your GitHub account, following the link below, and then clicking the green button that reads “Use this template”. And remember – do not fork it!



We haven’t forgotten about the incentives for those who choose to solve the puzzles in Kotlin! We have our own leaderboards, and we’ll randomly select several winners among those who submit their solutions to GitHub. And of course, the top-scoring participants will get prizes, too. 

To be eligible for the prizes, make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Attempt to solve at least three days of AoC 2022 in Kotlin.
  • Share your solutions publicly on GitHub.
  • Add the aoc-2022-in-kotlin topic to your repository (see below).
  • Have your contact details (email address or Twitter handle) available in your GitHub profile.

To add the aoc-2022-in-kotlin topic to your repository, edit the repository details by clicking the gear icon in the top right-hand corner on the repository page. Then, in the topics field, add the value:

While we of course appreciate everyone with a competitive spirit, we don’t want to rush you. You don’t have to be the fastest or complete every challenge to win a prize. We want to make sure you experience the beauty of solving holiday puzzles in idiomatic Kotlin.

Solve Advent of Code 2022 in Kotlin, learn new things, and have fun!

By: Ksenia Shneyveys
Source: JetBrains Blog

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