6 Best Rust Programming Books Ranked By Reviews

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In the age of computers, good programming is timeless. Some of the most popular programming languages of the modern day have been in use for decades. Even so, new languages continue to be developed in the hopes of expanding the tools programmers can use. One such language is Rust, which was developed relatively recently to help developers create programs without worrying about their security.

Rust continues to find use today, with updates for it occurring as recently as late 2022. Any programmer invested in security and relatively niche languages should check out the best Rust programming books based on Amazon reviews.

This list will cover books that primarily focus on Rust. It also won’t take into account separate editions of books. Unfortunately, there are not many resources on the language, and there are some relatively unpopular titles here as a result. Even so, this list will cover books with at least 50 total reviews, which should offer great details on why certain resources are more popular than others.

List of the  Best Rust Programming Books Ranked by Reviews

6. Programming WebAssembly with Rust by Kevin Hoffman

Programming WebAssembly with Rust, as the title implies, puts Rust into an Internet-friendly format to simplify the process of building websites. The book provides instructions on downloading necessary tools to let users follow along with it in real-time. Thanks to its dual focus, this resource can allow readers to learn two things at once.

While it might be a great resource for anyone who’s already a Rust fanatic, it might not be so useful for newcomers. Reviewers note that the book makes many assumptions about readers already knowing a lot about the language, and as such, it skips over a lot of important information. This should not be your first choice if you’re only starting out with Rust, but it can be a good pick for already-experienced programmers.

Reviews: Out of 53 total reviews, 66% gave this book 5 stars

List Price: $45.95 Paperback, $39.99 Digital

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5. Rust in Action by Tim McNamara

Rust in Action is one of the more appreciated books on this list, primarily due to its format. Reviewers state that McNamara’s offering is very readable and clear, covering many aspects of Rust in easy-to-understand bursts of content. It’s one of the pricier options on this list, but it’s easy to see that many readers got what they paid for.

One of the more notable complaints about this book is how its great formatting is somewhat lost on digital copies. It costs quite a bit more for a physical version of Rust in Action, so this complaint is somewhat warranted. Keep this in mind if you make this book your final choice for learning Rust!

Reviews: Out of 69 total reviews, 86% gave this book 5 stars

List Price: $59.99 Paperback, $43.99 Digital

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4. Hands-on Rust by Herbert Wolverson

As a middle ground between the previous two items on this list,Hands-on Rust provides a fairly great experience. It allows users to learn how to use Rust in the development of video games, letting them create their own versions of well-known titles such as Flappy Bird. This acts as a more focused area of Rust programming, so if you want to learn about the language in non-gaming contexts, you might not have much luck with Wolverson’s offering. Even so, reviewers praise the book for its gradual pace and fantastic coverage of features and designs. If you’re able to afford Hands-on Rust, it can act as a wonderful companion piece to a broader resource on the language.

Reviews: Out of 77 total reviews, 78% gave this book 5 stars

List Price: $47.95 Paperback, $40.99 Digital

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3. Rust for Rustaceans by Jon Gjengset

Despite the playful cover and pun-based title,Rust for Rustaceans makes its intentions clear from the start. This is a book designed for those already familiar with the basics of Rust, offering them ways to code at a professional level. It covers important information like asynchrony and procedural macros alongside other concepts that would leave beginners scratching their heads. Of course, this makes it a terrible option for newcomers, but probably the best choice any experienced programmer could ask for. Definitely consider getting this alongside another resource oriented more closely towards first-time Rust programmers!

Additionally, while some reviewers noted formatting issues with the digital version of this book, it was updated to resolve these problems. Even if the content isn’t entirely appealing, you can be sure that this book’s quality is quite possibly unmatched.

Reviews: Out of 176 total reviews, 87% gave this book 5 stars

List Price: $39.99 Paperback, $23.99 Digital

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2. Programming Rust by Jim Blandy, Jason Orendorff, and Leonora Tindall

Programming Rust is another comprehensive roundup of information on the language. It covers pretty much everything you could ever need to know about Rust. Even with this book’s high price, most reviewers seem to agree that it’s worth every penny. Any readers willing to stick with this resource to the end will not be disappointed with the content within.

Be aware that this book has issues with its digital format, as many users reported the text being too dark to read. Once again, keep these formatting problems in mind if you decide to dive into this book to begin your journey with Rust!

Reviews: Out of 396 total reviews, 85% gave this book 5 stars

List Price: $69.99 Paperback, $59.99 Digital

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1. The Rust Programming Language by Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols

The Rust Programming Language might be the best choice for first-time programmers. It follows a lighter tone to grant easier opportunities for newcomers to understand the language, and it contains a great deal of information that can even help veterans. Some reviewers note that the book might have a few issues with example code, but its accessibility manages to mitigate any errors within. If you’d prefer something a bit more updated, a newer edition of this book will be made available in the near future. Either way, you can’t go very wrong with using this resource as your intro to Rust!

Reviews: Out of 598 total reviews, 84% gave this book 5 stars

List Price: $39.95 Paperback, $23.99 Digital

Buy now on Amazon (Digital) or AbeBooks (Paperback)

What to Look For When Choosing The Best Rust Programming Book For You

There are only a handful of Rust books out there. Finding any book on Rust is just as important as finding the best one, so don’t be afraid to dive deep in hopes of discovering a hidden gem. Feel free to make use of both beginner and expert books, as they’ll both be very helpful for getting used to Rust in the long run!

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