What I Do With Notion As A Software Developer


I have spent a lot of time watching a lot of Notion content on Youtube and I even read a bit of the Notion API Documentation to see if there’s any way I can integrate Notion into my existing workflow. Ever since I discovered Notion, it has become a productive tool I use almost every day.

Everything in Notion is a block that can be texts, images, videos, links, headings, etc., and can be transformed into another type of block or rearranged in any way that may suit your needs.

Personal Dashboard

I created a personal dashboard to manage myself, my work, my learnings, my library, etc. This is like a homepage that is shown to me whenever I open up Notion.


(Trust me, I don’t use Notion in light mode ?)

I used to have this dashboard open on an extra monitor so I thought I’d make it a bit more aesthetic by showing a clock and auto-generated quote images. The clock and auto-generated quotes images are widgets created using indify.co.

Note-taking App

Notion is always my go-to app for note-taking. I find the markdown support extremely useful as a developer to write notes faster. Notion supports syntax coloring for over 60 programming languages making it a good utility for developers.


It provides some features that I really find helpful for note-taking. It is cross-platform, can share notes with the public, and also invite private collaboration.

Technical Writing

I manage a Notion database for articles and write my drafts using Notion. Because of my familiarity with markdown and the speed to use any block type on Notion, I am able to focus more on writing while things like formatting, link insertions, etc happen from muscle memory. Notion database is handy for project management.

This is a screenshot of how I manage my article writing workflow.


I am able to use tags to keep track of the article status and ownership and also sort the data based on the deadline, ownership, and status of the article. I also had the table configured to remove published items from the table view.

I am currently researching ways to improve my blogging workflow using Notion API. I am open to recommendations and collaboration, please.

Wrap Up

That is a quick overall of how I use Notion in my workflow as a developer. I hope you are able to get new ideas from my workflow and able to find new ways to incorporate Notion into your workflow too.

Kindly share how you use Notion too so we have plenty of inspirations to choose from.

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By: Kayode Oluwasegun
Source: Hackernoon

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