10 Home Decor Brands That Are Rooted In Sustainability And Craftsmanship


    Giving vocal for local an eco-friendly spin, these homegrown brands offer decor products that are mindfully created by local artisans.

    Being sustainable, using eco-friendly packaging and embracing the slow, mindful production cycle are other philosophies that make them better for the environment.

    If you are doing up your home or need a new addition to spruce up the decor, take your pick from this curated list of 10 brands.

    Kar Conscious Living

    A home furnishing brand offering cushion covers, dinner napkins, throws and bedding, Kar Conscious Living focusses on the importance of Indian textiles through raw fabrics and subtle designs, showcasing the very essence of their weaves. Derived from the word ‘Karigar’, the brand employs skilled women artisans in Uttarakhand to create hand-stitched products using knit and crochet technique. Using materials like organic bio-washed cotton and handwoven wool, its collections are inspired by nature, and the art and culture of indigenous tribes. Jessica Marwah, Meenu Marwah and Akash Gulati, the founders of Kar, aim to elevate and bring Indian techniques like block-printing and embroidery to the forefront in a contemporary fashion.


    Founded in 2019, this young design company creates modern luxury decor from India’s deep-rooted crafts and traditions that are rich in workmanship. “Chaotic harmony is what defines Arisaa’s design language. It is inspired by the city that it is based out of—Ahmedabad. A city that is old as much as it is new, fast-paced but also extremely relaxed. These stark contrasts are visible in Arisaa’s products,” says founder Aashka Desai. The brand offers made-to-order rugs, spatial installations and collectible pieces to lessen the environmental impact. Using reusable materials for their products is another sustainable approach they take.


    Founded with the philosophy of planet positivity and affordable luxury, Amouve is an organic bedding and bath brand. Through direct procurement of organic cotton from Indian farmers, Amouve not only boosts the production of chemical-free farming but also helps in lessening their debt. This practice has also led to less usage of water as compared to regular cotton. Says Ami Sata, founder of Amouve: “When you’re spending one-third of your life in bed directly in contact with your bedsheets, it is necessary to know what goes into them.” The brand offers a range of products comprising organic cotton bedsheets, towels, pillows, organic kapok mattresses and waffle blankets among others.

    Baro Design

    A Mumbai-based studio making handcrafted furniture and lighting products, Baro Design is founded by Siddharth Sirohi who embraces minimalism in his designs. “My vision is to create the possibility of awareness in our lives by designing meaningful objects that inspire us to pause and reflect. The approach is old-school, relying on traditional wood joinery methods, but the result is as timeless as it is contemporary,” he says. Most of the brand’s creations are made with reclaimed teak for its age and quality, and to keep our world sustainable. They are also designed to last forever with the finish added using layers of linseed oil and beeswax.


    A homegrown lifestyle brand, Pinklay focusses on bringing Indian handicrafts to the fore. It has partnered with more than 400 artisans, and is known to infuse contemporary designs with heritage Indian handcrafts. It offers products like curtains, cushions, rugs, ceramic-ware, woodenware, casseroles, platters, and more. Daisy Tanwani, the founder of Pinklay, strives for it to be a sustainable business, working with only organic products and keeping away from all synthetic materials, leather, and plastic. Even its packaging keeps the brand’s eco-conscious philosophy in mind. Pinklay currently has two brick-and-mortar stores in Mumbai and Bengaluru, apart from a digital presence.

    Junekeri Homes

    Founded in the pandemic by a mother-daughter duo, Junekeri Homes offers functional and beautiful decor pieces by blending traditional craftsmanship with modern designs. Its products are made from locally-sourced natural fibres, rain-fed cotton and hand-spun wool. From handmade coconut buttons to upcycled packaging, the brand pays attention to detail with their products made in small batches by their community of artisans. “Each piece exhibits a unique story and reveals a fresh simplicity, offset with a touch of modern whimsy,” says Ayessha Gurung, co-founder of Junekeri Homes. Their collection features rugs, throws, cushions and more.

    Live Linen

    Using linen to craft elegant pieces in pastel and neutral hues, Live Linen was started in Jaipur by Nimit Singhi. “The first practical known use of linen dates back to the early 8000 B.C. in Egypt. Any material that can stand the test of time for that long, is surely worth investing in,” says the founder. The brand offers household products like curtains, throws, table runners, bedsheets and more that are crafted using Belgian linen. Even the packaging is eco-friendly to keep their sustainable endeavours in-check. The bags are produced from tapioca starch and vegetable oil that dissolve in hot water. They refrain from using plastic packaging or tapes, and each order is packed manually.


    A sustainable lighting design studio from Bengaluru, Oorjaa creates handmade pieces of lighting products using eco-friendly materials ranging from bamboo fibre to cork and artisanal paper. Jenny Pinto, who spearheads the designing aspect, says, “When one walks into a space, the lighting must always be intrinsic and discreet, not in your face. That’s what we try to design with every piece. Even if it’s a conversation piece, it whispers and caresses.” The brand offers everything from wall lamps, table lamps and ceiling lamps to floor lamps, pendant lamps and a few decor accessories. Their products are handmade in their studio housed in a green building where they save more energy than they use.

    Amber Stitch

    Celebrating the craft and the karigar, Amber Stitch believes in slow, sustainable, simple yet statement-making decor pieces. The brand offers table linen, quilts, rugs, curtains and cushions that are made by artisans. “Our designs take inspiration from what we see around us and what we love. With nature’s flora and fauna, the intricacies of geometric motifs and the rustic energy of earthy colours, we’ve created our unique aesthetic that promises balance, beauty and an everyday luxury for your homes,” says founder Aditi Patwari. From using handwoven fabric to a revered Indian embroidery or even fabric scraps for appliqué work, the idea at Amber Stitch is to minimize wastage and to pay homage to craftsmanship.


    Founded in 2020 by Bahaar Jain and Kevin Wilson, Rihaa is a sustainable home decor brand driven by the belief that crafts are an important part of our collective heritage and living history. The brand has also created sustainable livelihood in the rural sector and provided patronage to the local artisan communities. “We have always been passionate about everything homegrown and local. That is why we have chosen craft techniques from different regions. At Rihaa, we are dedicated to fair-pricing and strive to source directly from independent artisans, NGOs and Trade Facilitation Centres wherever possible,” say the founders. The brand offers everything from tableware, planters, ceramics to bath linen, dhurries, basketry and more.

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