The 7 Best Top-Load And Front-Load Washers

Image credits: Unsplash - PlanetCare

Washing machines are typically divided into 2 types. Front-Load and Top-Load. While typically the front-load is the more efficient there are some situations where the top-load is also a good choice. A few of these considerations are price, load capacity, power efficiency and style. Most of the time it does boils down to “Would this look good in my house? Will it fit in with my other appliances?”

Here are some of the best washers and some tips at the end on how to choose your washing machine.

01. BLACK+DECKER – 0.9 Cu. Ft. Top-Load Washer

This portable washer is ideal for those who wash infrequently. It offers 5 cycles from heavy, gentle, normal, rapid and soak. It’s a washing machine that has the bare minimum features you would expect. 

02. Frigidaire – 4.1 cu. ft. Top Load Washer

With 12 wash cycles, a large capacity and a fabric conditioner dispenser, this is one of the top choices if you are with company or family. The MaxFill option allows you to use the maximum allowable water for the ultimate clean.

03. Kenmore – 4.8 cu. ft. Top Load Washer

This washer has a built-in water faucet and impeller. The built-in water faucet allows you to pre-treat your clothes without the need for a laundry room sink. Just like with our previous entry, it also has a fabric conditioner dispenser.

04. Bosch – 2.2 Cu. Ft. Front-Load Washer

Being a front-load washer this will be more efficient (water and energy) thant it’s top-load counterpart. Operationally quiet, LED display and hot & cold water intake, this is a decent choice for a washing machine.

05. Electrolux –  2.4 Cu. Ft. Front-Load Washer

A variety of settings for different set of clothes is what sets this apart from the others. With these presets you would be able to choose the right configuration. The Steam™ technology gently lifts dirt and stains from fibers.  While the LuxCare® Wash System offers a thorough clean with improved wash actions, temperature control and bottom-vent steam options.

06. LG – 4.5 cu. ft. Front Load Washer

This is a Smart Wi-Fi enabled washer from LG. What this basically means is that you’ll be able to tell how much longer the wash is gonna take from your smartphone. It also has the capability to auto-select a compatible drying cycle instead of estimating it by yourself.

07. Samsung – 6.0 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer

This one has a cool feature of having two washers. An example on how you can use the washers at the same time is to put whites on top (top-load), and colors at the bottom (front-load). Or delicates in the top and normal load in the bottom. This washer also has Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning you could monitor its status from your phone.

Before you go and buy your washing machine here are some tips:

  • Top loaders have generally lower price compared to front loaders. 
  • Front loaders are more water and energy efficient
  • Top loaders sometimes have the problem of growing mold. Choosing one that has a mold prevention is a big plus.
  • Most front loaders produce less noise and vibration during cycle
  • Top loaders are easy to add or remove items mid-cycle. But try to avoid doing this as much as possible.

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