On The Coronation Of King Charles III And Its Legacy: Common Ground

On the eve of the show, on the eve of history — on the eve of what can be a beautiful start, not of Charles as King but of the leaders of the world together, not all of them, but surely a lot of them — we must forget the costs of it, we must forget the lottery of life, we must forget all the whys; simply, we carry on.

We carry on.

With a common story and shared experience, dare I say, a revival beyond the pandemic, the wars, the bickering the banter, the spare, the heir, the hare, the ware, the politics, the poverty, the inequality, the little and the big, we can share, directly and vicariously, in real or aspirationally, a belief and reality, that life can be good.

That life is good.

That it is not the end.

It is only the beginning.

Long Live The King!

But forgive me Your Highness, I am not British; so let me implore you and the nobility of your kind, to Stand With Us and Bless The Common Land, in also proclaiming: Long Live Humanity! Long Live The Good! Long Live The Fight For Good! And Long Live The Hope And The Real Possiblity, That Beyond Luck Of Birth, We Can Change Our Fates!

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