The Machine(s) Has/Have Truly Won.

I just realised that the tables have really turned.

The machine(s) has/have won. ( There is a reason for that <=== ).

Once upon a time, in robotics and conversational systems or just regular HCI systems, we had to prove that it was a machine or a robot to other humans. That there were no human or Maxwell demon lurking behind the facade.

AND YEY! Breakthrough…

Now, as a former researcher and perennial enthusiast or practitioner, we now struggle to prove that this is authentically, just, me. Sure, some AI and ML apparent or abstracted, here and there. But. Ultimately. Human.

To prove it is purely human. Is now the breakthrough!


#aiwashing #mlwashing #greenwashing #cloudwashing #dotcomwashing #socmedwashing

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