The Top Deals of Amazon Basics for Back-To-School 2023

01. Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

It is a standard laptop bag that can fit laptop with screens up to a 11.6 inches. With pouches and storage for power cords, business cards, and other relatively smaller essentials. Note that this is 24 pieces of laptop bag, there are options for 1-pack and 10-pack too. Be careful when you checkout the right quantity you need.

02. Clear Thermal Laminating Plastic Paper Sheets

Clear Thermal Laminating Plastic Paper Sheets

Laminator sheets in pack of 200, 100 and 50. Useful for protecting your documents. The size of the sheet is 9 by 11.15 inches.

03. File Folder

File folder

Just like with the previous item, the folder can be used for protecting your documents. while having the other function of grouping related documents.

04. Scissors


Scissors available in colors of purple, green and gray. The soft grip provides enought traction to avoid any loose or incorrect cuts. It is made from stainless steel, so you can be sure it will last a long time.

05. Index Card

Index cards

Index cards, perfect for taking notes. One side is ruled, while the other is not. It’s size is 3 by 5 inches. 

06. Memory Card (microSDXC)

SD Card

If you are looking to expand the memory card of your smart phone, tablet, camera, GoPro, Nintendo Switch or any other devices that used can hold microSDXC. It is a Class 10 and A2 in terms of its speed class. Available in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

07. Paper and Credit Card Shredder

Paper and credit card shredder

This paper shredder available in different sizes that can cut multiple number paper at once. It also support cutting credit cards through a dedicated slot. A time savers for discarding confidential document and hopefully being recycled.

08. Earphone


In order to stay focus you’d need to have one of these earphone. Block of the noise and/or provide focus to the task at hand. Compatible with any 3.5mm jack, including Android and iOS devices. The length of the cable is 3.9 foot or 118 cm.

09. Stapler


Standard stapler, it also includes 1000 staples. The staple length is 1/4 inches or 6mm.

10. Notebook


No Back-to-School list is complete without a handy-dandy notebook. With 240 pages, line rules, 5 x 8.25 x.6 inch in dimensions and line ruled. It also has an integrated bookmark to keep track on where you stopped writing. The elastic enclosure is also a nice bonus as it will surely be kept organized in your bag.

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