Back-To-School 2023. Besties Choice for Kids Lunch Boxes.

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to the upcoming school year. From notebooks, bags, pencil, and other essential items. One of them is selecting a lunch box. It might look trivial, but this decision will last for a whole year (hopefully more). Durability, functionality and design are all equally important when choosing your kids lunch box.

1. Spider-Man Lunch Box from Simple Modern

Spiderman Lunch Box from Simple Modern

While there are many other design to choose from. Clearly, the Spider-man design provides a slick design for the kids. There are also other designs to choose from. The best part of this is that with removable compartments, its easy to clean.

2. Bento Lunch Box With Accesories from HappyRhino

Bento Lunch Box With Accesories from HappyRhino

This cute bento lunch box has 4 compartments. It then have adorable animal picks, which is perfect if you plant to include bite-size food without having to provide separate fork. The cake cups can be used to make fruits and vegetables to be more appealing to kids.

3. Minecraft Lunch Box from Bioworld

Minecraft Lunch Box from Bioworld

Minecraft game, almost every kid (and even now parents and guardian) knows of it. If you plan to include hot or cold food inside and retain it’s optimal temperature, then the insulated bag is for you.

4. Insulated Kids Lunch Box from FlowFly

Insulated Kids Lunch Box from FlowFly

If you still want some insulation for your kids food, then this is another option. It provides a plain design, but the material is of high quality. Made from Noeprene, which is used by wet suit to keep a surfers body temperature stable.

5. Insulated Kids Lunch Box from JOYHILL

Insulated Kids Lunch Box from JOYHILL

Another insulated lunch box bag, but this one is a backpack. It has a water bottle holder in the side. With lots of cute design to choose from you will surely find one that is right for your kid.

6. Jurassic World Lunch Box With Backpack Bag from Fast Word

Jurassic world lunch box with backpack bag from Fast Word

If you are looking for both a backpack bag and lunch box, then this is an option. The lunch box is partially insulated. It has a Jurassic World design which might appeal kids that loves dinosaur.

7. Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box from Bentgo®

Bento-Style Kids Lunch Box from Bentgo®

This lunch box has 5 compartments, practical for giving different portion of food of variety. The leak proof technology assures that the food won’t mix up. And the best thing is that it is dishwasher-safe. Less washing or cleaning is equal to more time for much important task like rest.

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