An Engineer’s Starter Pack – Must Have Supplies For The Trade

Engineering students need to have the best supply there is. Most of these should last you until you graduate from the course. Choosing the highest quality will save you a lot in the long run.

01. Mechanical Pencil from Bic

Mechanical pencil

It has a 0.7mm point size and provides smooth writing.

02. Erasers from Staedtler


Premium quality vinyl eraser.

03. Graph Notebook from Oxford

Graph notebook

A grid notebook which can be used for mathematics and engineering subjects. Some also prefer this notebook for taking notes, if you don’t mind writing in small sizes. Or just use multiple rows when writing larger texts.

04. Scientific Calculator from Casio

Scientific calculator

If there is one piece of equipment any Engineer will have in their bag, it’s a Scientific Calculator. While there are already a variety of mobile applications that replicate the functions on a smart phone, those are not allowed on exams.

05. T-Square from Mr. Pen

T-Square ruler

The mighty T-Square, while primarily being required for drawing horizontal lines. It’s also used in tandem with the triangles.

06. Storage Tube from US Art Supply

Storage tube

I cannot stress how important this is. It not only protects your work from being crumpled, but it also prevents accidents that involves liquids like water and coffee.

07. Geometry Set from Maped

Geometry set

Complete set of geometry tools. This includes a small ruler, triangles, protractor, eraser, lead pencil, and compass. The 2 compass included has the versatility of allowing you to use your own pencil or the included lead.

08. Surface Pro Go Laptop from Microsoft

Surface pro

Dual use betwen a laptop and tablet. Portable and powerful. It comes with Windows 10 S operating system. Has a sufficient memory of 4 GB, 64GB of hard disk and Intel HD Graphics. 

09. Backpack Bag from JanSport

JanSport bag

Can fit laptops or tablets up to 15 inches. It has a padded sleeve, perfect for protecting your electronic device like laptop or tablet. It has spacious main compartment for your other tools.

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