10 Must-Attend Sessions For Data Professionals At Google Cloud Next ‘23

Google Cloud Next ‘23 kicks off August 29! A global community of builders, innovators, developers, learners, and leaders will come together to shape the future of cloud computing. And this year’s event will be packed with exciting updates for data professionals, from keynotes by Google Cloud experts to customer and technical breakouts.

If you want to learn from industry experts and real-world customers on how to make data-driven decisions that impact your business all while building unified, open, and intelligent applications that help deliver great customer experiences, then look no further.

Here are 10 can’t miss sessions for data professionals at Google Cloud Next ‘23:

What’s next for Google Cloud databases • SPTL204

Learn more about the latest innovations that help you break free from legacy and proprietary databases, help you unify your transactional and analytical workloads, and enable you to bring AI and machine learning to your database workloads. This session will also include our vision for Google Cloud databases and generative AI, highlighting ways to help you accomplish your data management tasks faster.
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What’s next for data and AI • SPTL203

Generative AI represents a paradigm shift for digital transformation, and harnessing its power in a responsible way can unlock new possibilities. But many organizations are unable to activate data and AI due to fragmented data systems for analytics, AI, and machine learning, which aren’t designed to work together and instead slow innovation. In this session, learn how leaders are accelerating transformation with Google’s data and AI cloud.
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Run impact-less ad hoc queries and data exports on Cloud Spanner • DBS209

Learn how you can run ad hoc batch queries or export terabytes of data on demand from your Cloud Spanner database without impacting your business-critical applications. This session will go over how the latest innovations in Spanner allow you to open up valuable operational data to all users – how and when they need it – to make real-time business decisions.
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What’s new with BigQuery • ANA100

Learn how BigQuery is fueling transformations and helping organizations build data ecosystems. Along the way, you’ll hear about the latest product announcements for BigQuery, upcoming innovations, and its strategic roadmap.
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The future of databases with generative AI • DBS301

Generative AI is empowering developers to build new user experiences directly into their existing applications by leveraging pretrained models and without requiring machine learning expertise. As a result, every application is going to become an AI application and every application developer is going to need to become proficient in AI. This session will showcase the future of Google’s managed databases that will power AI application development while also leveraging AI to become fundamentally easier to use.
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What’s new for open lake • ANA105

In this session, learn how Google is extending the benefits of the lakehouse architecture into an end-to-end analytics lakehouse, enabling organizations to both extract data in real time – regardless of which cloud or datastore the data resides in – and to use it in aggregate for greater insight and AI with tools and features anchored on openness, choice, and simplicity.
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PostgreSQL the way only Google can deliver it: A deep dive into AlloyDB • DBS210

Join us for a deep dive on AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, our fully compatible PostgreSQL database that offers superior performance, availability, and scale. We’ll go over some of the challenges we’ve seen from customers running PostgreSQL and how AlloyDB solves these challenges. We’ll also focus on AI and machine learning-based autopilot management systems, intelligent storage, and advanced caching and dynamic workload-aware data organization.
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How Alaska Airlines is transforming customer experience using data and AI • ANA119

In this session, we will learn from Alaska Airlines, the fifth largest airline in the United States, about their digital innovation strategy and how they are leveraging Google Cloud’s data and AI capabilities to deliver personalized experiences throughout the travel experience.
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Five best practices to enable highly available applications with Cloud SQL • DBS303

Run your critical applications on Cloud SQL with confidence using time-tested best practices that top Google Cloud customers rely on for their enterprise workloads. In this session, we’ll dive deep into best practices for rightsizing your Cloud SQL instances for optimum performance, as well as setting up high availability and disaster recovery with seamless connectivity and backup management for business continuity.
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What’s new in business intelligence for today’s GenAI world • ANA212

Business intelligence done right delivers insights to your users and customers in your environment and your applications. The generative AI revolution is bringing answers faster and accelerating actions in practically every industry. Hear Google’s Kate Wright talk about the future of Looker, and our approach to the generative AI wave as we help prepare you for what’s next in the world of analytics and discovery.
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Don’t miss your chance to connect with the brightest minds in cloud and be a part of the future of data. See you soon at Google Cloud Next ‘23.

By: Joey Hernandez (Product Marketing Manager, Databases)
Originally published at: Google Cloud Blog

Source: cyberpogo.com

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