Canonical Joins The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance

Canonical announced today that it has joined the board of the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) as a Strategic Member. By working together, both organisations aim to develop an end-to-end, open source and open API wireless software stack, and to deliver turnkey solutions for customers and partners.

While 5G is now widely deployed and commercially available, 6G is still an active subject of research. OpenAirInterface is uniquely positioned to propose 5G/6G wireless stack elements that can be “mixed and matched” by partners and run seamlessly on common off the shelf platforms (COTS). This adaptability and compatibility are crucial for the development of telco networks.

Canonical has a long track record supporting telcos, CSP and silicon vendor partners in their carrier grade deployments, ensuring secure, easily maintainable, and flexible systems.

OSA, on the other hand, is recognised for both research and commercial development. Their recent partnership with the O-RAN Software Community is a further sign of the willingness of the ecosystem to converge toward open API and open RAN (vRAN/vCore). It will be instrumental to seize opportunities brought by private networks, software defined radio, and beyond 5G/6G.

“We are really thrilled to join OSA and existing partners and are eager to bring our expertise to contribute to carrier-grade solutions completely based on open source software. OpenAirInterface and Canonical share a common vision of open source making it possible to push the boundaries and performance of open source and Open API Wireless”, said Laurent Depersin, Senior Wireless Advisor at Canonical.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to amplify the usage of open source in the Telco industry”, said Cedric Gegout, VP Product at Canonical. “It allows us to contribute more actively to the evolution of 5G and 6G technologies, as we are convinced that this sector offers lots of opportunities for pioneering new innovations in terms of network orchestration and introducing groundbreaking open source technologies for RAN optimisation”.

About Canonical

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, provides open source security, support and services. Our portfolio covers critical systems, from the smallest devices to the largest clouds, from the kernel to containers, from databases to AI. With customers that include top tech brands, emerging startups, governments and home users, Canonical delivers trusted open source for everyone.

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About OpenAirInterfaceTM Software Alliance (OSA)

OSA is a non-profit organisation accelerating and democratising wireless innovation by promoting 3GPP networks using Open-Source Software over Common Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware. The OpenAirInterface software stack today offers full 4G and 5G Radio Access Network as well as Core Network implementation. The OSA has more than 60 members from across the globe and the OAI software is used in almost all ongoing activities in 5G.

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