Coding Style for the Workweek Warrior

Work or play, our Monday through Friday shirt collection has your coding style locked for whatever the week may demand. Why blend in when you can stand out with these tech-tastic tees?

Monday: 1.4.1. The Real Main

Guzz Shirt

Kickstart your week in ‘The Real Main’ shirt. It’s not just a tee, it’s a statement. You’re the lead function in the code of life, and Monday is your domain. Own it, lead it, code it!

Tuesday: 1.4.2. Hello World

Guzz Shirt

Nothing says “Ready to Tackle Anything” like our ‘Hello World’ shirt. It’s a classic throwback and a modern-day mood. Embrace new challenges and debug your way to success. It’s coding nostalgia with a twist!

Wednesday: 1.4.3. Data Types

Guzz Shirt

Midweek calls for versatility, just like the varied ‘Data Types’ in your code. This shirt is for the adaptable, the dynamic, the polymorphic pros of programming. Be the wildcard in the deck of coders!

Thursday: 1.4.4. Breaking Maths Daily

Guzz Shirt

Crunch numbers and turn algorithms inside out with ‘Breaking Maths Daily’. This shirt is for the problem-solvers, the analytical minds, the heroes without capes. Be the envy of your coding crew!

Friday: 1.4.5. Back Home

Guzz Shirt

End the week on a high byte with ‘Back Home’. It’s a digital high-five for making it through the week. Perfect for coding, chilling, or anything in-between. You’ve coded hard, now it’s time to relax in style.

Guzz Shirt

It’s time to upgrade your geek wardrobe. Each day, a new shirt, a new mood, a new code to crack. These aren’t just shirts; they’re your daily drivers in the journey of code. Available in 5 colours: Black Heather, Black, Ocean Blue, Yellow, & Ash. These unisex shirts are soft and light with regular fit

So why not unlock statement apparel for all 5 days? Get the complete set today and use the promo code ‘CHANNELS10‘ to get 10% off on this collection. Mix, match and build that programming pro wardrobe from desktop to happy hour. For the hackers, coders and keyboard crusaders who want one less weekly outfit decision to make. The collection you’ve been coding for!

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