Plan Is Vital. But Planning is Critical.

Why is that time travel in books, movies, and other mediums fascinating to watch. From saving a magical beast from being disposed of through a time turning device to stopping a machine army from destroying the world. This scenario has existed not just in books and movies, but also in the world of gaming.

What captivates us must be the convenience of being able to have a second chance. The ability to try again and do something differently. Doing it multiple times until the desired outcome has been achieved.

But the truth is, as we all know, time spent cannot be altered. That is the reality. Every decision we make changes our future. That is why we have to take control of it. Or manage it as much as possible. Since there is only so much we can do with the time we have on earth (or space, if we managed to live in Mars in the next years to come).

There are many ways to juggle our time efficiently. There are simpler methods that can be employed or there are hacks that can be implemented to overcome laziness. Most of these are changes that can be done by tweaking our way of life. 

But there are also some tools and devices that can help as along the way. 

If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail

For example, you could utilize a 3-minute timer for making soft-boiled eggs or another way to use it is for doing short breaks after certain tasks. This is a simple tool just to get yourself organise that has a cascading effect with time saved. As time saved can be used for something much more important.

Another are planning schedules for personal life and work (and sometimes the boundary between these two are non-existent too). A simple calendar to take note of important dates, whether they are a birthday of a special someone or the day you need to buy toiletries again. This can be managed by a weekly planner or even the plain old reliable notebook.

There are brief moments when just remember things that are important, and it’s imperative that we take note, else we forget it. A simple note on a small piece of paper will suffice. These are guidepost, a small reminder, but a big life saver.

We may note have a time turner, a time travelling car, the time stone, or some deus ex machina plot armor to go back into the past and do it all over again. But what we do have is our ability to think, strategize, and plan on things that we can control. And for those mistakes or missed opportunities that we can’t control, we adapt and try again.

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