Coffee. The Ambrosia of Mortals.

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Coffee has been loved by so many, but why? It has a bitter taste, that even most of the animals in the wild avoid. You would think that we should take it as a warning sign from nature to avoid it. But why do we drink it? 

Each person will have different opinion on why they drink coffee. It could be a habit that is acquired through taste. Some even say that they could not start their day without it. Most of the time, it is just the caffeine that is talking, to keep themselves awake. Whether to keep themselves from sleeping during work or increase their focus we love this bitter taste (or sweet if you add sugar and milk).

Coffee Beans

There are different types of coffee beans, and these are the most famous ones.


Considered to be the highest quality and superior in taste. It has an exquisite aroma and have hints of fruits and berries in its taste. They are also grown in locations in higher altitudes. 


This one has a stronger aroma. It smells as if you have been doing wood work in a shop. Some prefer the Robus due to it’s stronger presence. In terms of cultivation, it has been shown to be more resilient to disease and produces consistent yields. This makes the Robusta relatively cheaper than the Arabica. 


It has a unique aroma and distinct flavor. It is characterized by fruity taste and and hints of floral aroma. The strong odor when roasting has also been a signature trait of this coffee bean. Some have even say it’s a “love it” or “hate it” and that there is no in-between.


There are various ways of processing coffee beans into our beloved drink. 

Drip Coffee Maker.

Made by using hot water and letting the grounded coffee beans to drip naturally filtered by a filter.

Espresso Machine.

Designed to brew strong and concentrated coffee.

French Press

Also known as the plunger pot, this is a manual process similar to the Drip Coffee Maker, but this method sets the fine-ground coffee pushed at the bottom.

Capsule Machine

These kind of devices uses disposable cups or pods that contain grounded coffee. Available in different flavors like Espresso, Americano, Spanish Latte and even Matcha. 

There are different methods of brewing coffee like Pour-Over, Cold brew, and others.

Trying out different methods and even coffee beans is like having an adventure through the city of Paris to taste all the Michelin star restaurants. Coffee is beloved by many not just because of the taste, but also of the different ways to savor it.

It has been evolving throughout history. And it’s not just the coffee beans where they come from, but also the preparation and engineering on how they are processed into the drink we love.

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