Parisian Cafes Offering The Most Comfort for Coffee Lovers

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We have searched for places that are the most snug you could ever be when drinking coffee. These are spots that have been approved by both tourist and locals. When it’s about food and particularly coffee, it’s always better to trust where the locals line up to. The Parisian know what’s best when it comes to coffee, bread, pastries and other food you can think of.

Café Kitsuné

Cafe Kitsune
Café Kitsuné. Credits: Café Kitsuné

This coffee shop is relatively small, but the inside offers great ambiance. The lighting makes it a perfect location to enjoy a cup of coffee before going to your next destination. There are drinks that are available in hot and cold. Ice cream and cake are also an option if you are opting for something sweet.

Boot Café

Boot Cafe
Boot Cafe. Credits: Instagram

A cute and tiny cafe in Paris it the Boot Cafe. It has a cozy atmosphere and feels like a place that has grown more charming with time. Everything about it gives off a relaxing atmosphere. You might’ve noticed the sign saying “Cordonnerie”, which literally means a shoe repair shop or cobbler’s workshop, hence its name. We suggest that you try our the hot chocolate if you are with the youth that are not accustomed to coffee.

Blackbird Coffee

Blackbird Coffee
Blackbird Coffee. Credits: Instagram

With a modern look and feel, the darker shade for the walls, the green armchair, this definitely feels like a place you could enjoy coffee and pastries. As bonus they also offer plant-based milk like oats as an alternative.

Image credits: Unsplash – Kris Atomic

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