From The Heart of Stockholm To Welcoming City Of Seven Hills

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Dear Stockholm,

Thank you for the warmth and enthusiasm that filled every moment of our event. Your beautiful city not only hosted our concert but made us feel at home with its incredible spirit and hospitality. We are grateful to have shared this special experience with such a passionate community. The memories of our time together will resonate with us like the sweetest melodies. Tack, Stockholm, for a truly delightful evening!

With heartfelt thanks,

Dean Marc


Hello Lisbon,

The excitement is building as we prepare to bring our international concert tour to your enchanting city! We are eager to experience the vibrant energy and rich heritage that Lisbon is known for. Get ready for a night where music, culture, and joy intertwine to create unforgettable memories. We can’t wait to meet you and share the magic that only a live concert can bring. See you soon, Lisbon, for another thrilling chapter of our musical journey!

With anticipation and joy,

Dean Marc

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