Organizing “spaghetti” Software So It Can Be Easily Modified

The MIT spinout Silverthread helps companies transform complex codebases into modular systems that can be changed or updated without headaches. Zach Winn | MIT News( Caption:The MIT spinout...

10 Awesome Benefits Of Artifact Management And Why You Need It

All about artifact management, alongside 10 awesome benefits that any good Artifact Management platform will provide, including added security, traceability, and control.

Beyond the Algorithm – The Process of Managing AI Projects and Infrastructure

Like any complex system, artificial intelligence requires careful management across its entire lifecycle. AI management process refers to the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling...

AI Building Blocks – The Critical Role Of Datasets & Algorithms

In addition to the various technologies and techniques used and employed with the A.I. practice, an orthogonal set of activities that cuts across other...

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