Compose Multiplatform For iOS Is In Alpha

Compose Multiplatform, the declarative framework from JetBrains for building cross-platform user interfaces with Kotlin, is now able to target iOS! That means you can...

WebStorm 2023.1.1 Is Now Available

WebStorm 2023.1.1, the first bug-fix update for WebStorm 2023.1, is now available! It’s packed with improvements including a better New Vue Component action, various...

PyCharm 2023.1.1 Is Out!

With this build, we’ve introduced some highly requested bug fixes related to the debugger and remote interpreters. We also added support for PyScript’s new...

Introducing The Space Git Flow

Do you strive to deliver quality code smoothly and steadily? For development teams that practice a continuous release cycle, establishing a delivery flow can require...

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